Briar Bay Saanens--Summer

Briar Bay Saanens

P.O. Box 14
Aquilla, Texas
cell 1-254-582-4936

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About Us
Ariel View of Farm






Bird Feeding Station
Bird Feeding Station

Hi! We’re located on a hill top in the middle of Central Texas. We are about 20 minutes W of interstate 35 just south of Hillsboro. In preparation of purchasing land, we advertised for seclusion, privacy, remoteness, wilderness, wildlife , fishing lakes, and a good size hill on the property. My husband’s hobby is fishing and he wanted to dig a pond and use the hill for collecting water. He got his pond and the grandchildren love fishing for catfish and swimming in the summer time. We bulldozed in a road, made a clearing for house and barns and so here we sit today pretty much like we planned it. There is a cabin in the woods that we lived in while the house was being built. That is for friends and family when they come to visit. We have lived where we are now for about 13 years.



The summer of 2015 was pretty much centered
around the creation of the Camo Shack.
It is a place for family and friends to
relax and enjoy the quite comfort
of the woods. Now that it is completed,
I am in need of another project!

Cat Fish Pond
Catfish Pond








Grand Kids
Not a Clue What They Had Done
They Had Found The Barn Cess Pool

Prior to Central Texas life, my husband and I lived down along the Texascoast in Ingleside. We taught school in Corpus Christi where we retired with a combined 63 years in the classroom! Our 5 acres was closing in on us so we left South Texas for our house on the hill top. We feel blessed to have this opportunity to mix with nature and have the peace of living in the country.



Rattler Guarding the Barn
Rattler Guarding Barn Entrance








Final Day of Deer Season
Final Day of The Season
Son in the middle

VannBottons        Laurie Repka


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