Briar Bay Saanens--Summer

Briar Bay Saanens

P.O. Box 14
Aquilla, Texas
hm 1-254-694-2486
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Farm Pictures

Pictured is CH Briar Bay RTB Plumnellie.
She accomplished the win of 1st pl. 3 year old at the Nationals in 2010
. Her photo was taken at her new retirement home Jan 2016.
She had been photographed many times,
but this retirement photo is my favorite, even if it was our parting shot.

First Time To Experience Snow Feb. 25,2015

Canadian Saanen Breeders / Feb. 25, 2015 at the Briar Bay Farm
Thibault Guitel and Charline Blanchard and Baby Gabriel
La Suisse Normande Herd ,

Yearling White Tail Deer Raised on Goats Milk

Three Year Old White Tail Deer Raised On Goats Milk

"Our New Pup. PATCH"

This is Patch taking the term Bird Dog to a whole new level.

" I never said I was perfect and besides
I didn't ask to come to this show in the first place."

Look Maw, no hands.

Cat on warm goat
Goat on damp ground

Isik Guevener & Saanen buck
Kid sent to Turkey

A.Bulent Ucok, D.V.M.
& buck kid that went to Turkey

Peacefully grazing
til the camera showed up!

 Refused to go in when it showed

 Hea! We know you're up there.

 Me with Quads, 2003
SGCH Briar-Bay IA Clinque
Ch Briar-Bay IA Prince Mac and siblings

 Back doe pasture
about 2 acres

 Milkers at their sudan hay rack

"I just love this time of year!~"

 2010 Linear Appraisal
Charlie Currer & Myself
Bucks Tended,
Headed back home.

SG Willow-Run Stim. Temptation
The summer she arrived from Willow-Run Farms



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