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My Turkish Connections And Briar Bay Saanens

The involvement with my Turkish friends began in the winter of 2006. Guvener Isik, author of books and articles pertaining to the Turkish guard dogs and Bulent came to my farm for a visit. Both are pictured in my farm pics back at that time. They both wanted saanens to export back to each of their farms in Turkey.

Guvener and his wife and daughter live in England. He owns land in Turkey and goes back and forth from Turkey to England throughout a year’s time. He has sold most of his goats and now concentrating on his writings. His latest book entitled “The Sheepdogs Of Anatolia” is now for sale on Amazon.

A.Bulent Ucok, D.V.M. is retired from teaching at the University of Istanbul and his position as Marketing Manager for Vetas. He resides a majority part of his time at his mountain top cabin. There is no electricity and water is provided by a stream that comes from the side of a mountain. It is piped to the cabin and barns. For internet service, he goes in his truck into a small village where he has an office. But Bulent maintains his goat herd and it is here that I have the offspring that goes back to my buck, Briar Bay W Lemonhead and a doe named Parfume. Neither have offspring with ADGA as they went to Turkey as kids.

The following photos begin with the weekend when Guvener first brought Bulent to the farm. The first photo is of Bulent and my veterinarian, Dr. John Crolle, at Dr. Crolle’s office in West and is followed with a few more shots in Texas and then the photos switch to the site of the mountain cabin in Turkey belonging to Bulent. I hope you enjoy your visit to this site. It has been a pleasure knowing both of these guys!

My veterinarian, John Crolle and Bulent, in 2006,
standing outside of Dr. Crolle's clinic in West, Texas

Bulent standing by the farm sign at the entrance to the property

Bulent and myself

Guvener and myself still in 2006

This is a shot by Guvener of Bulent in the milking section of his barn in Turkey. Pictured are yearling daughters of Briar Bay JR Lemonhead. Notice the helper in the photo. Bulent has a hired shepherd to help with the stock

Bulent and young doeling

The disbudded buck is Lemonhead. He along with Parfume, who you will see soon, are the only two goats that are disbudded.

Good shot of the does. Notice the barn walls of logs
and chink and the sticks positioned along the wall to
provide a hay feeder. All livestock are locked in the barn
over night. There are wolves and bears one must deal with
when living in a remote location such as this. No electricity.
Not sure if he has a generator. But a mountain stream provides water to barn and house year around.

Just a good picture

ow great it is to see a Lemonhead son walking the hillside among his does, both saanen, saanen crosses, and natives.

Bulent took a doeling back with him from the farm. He named her Parfume.
According to Guvener, they were always together.
Bulent made it a point to take walks daily when the weather permitted.
This final photo is of Bulent and Parfume
having a rest break on the trail. There was a bond between the two. You can just tell.
Photo taken by Bulent

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